We at Bright Start proudly announce - A unique approach in Pre-school education for Playgroup, Nursery, Junior kg and Senior kg.

Vast experience in teaching field & great response from the parents inspired us to come up with an innovative approach in toddlers’ education. Bright Start pre-school can be a right start for the younger generation to inculcate moral values and virtues through edutainment which combines education with entertainment and makes learning a joyous experience.

The vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, child friendly equipments, appealing and non toxic toys and games at Bright Start help a child to bring out his/her creativity and discover a new world.

At Bright Start, we cater to children between 2 years and 5 years. We firmly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’. A child needs to ‘touch’, ‘feel’, ‘discover’, ‘learn’ and ‘enjoy’ to recognize the world around him.

Bright Start is a commitment to construct not just a school but a movement wherein a child is encouraged and assisted to assimilate the body, mind and spirit through self learning, thus carving a niche in today’s dynamic global society.

The philosophy is simple to transform potentiality into reality – Bright Start feels proud to uncover an innovative concept of revolutionary edutainment to sparkle Gujarat’s budding generation of wiz-kids.

At Bright Start, we offer and follow a unique blend of International and C.B.S.E. curriculum.


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Swastik group of schools was established by Shri Chandraprasad R. Pathak in 1959.Today under the guidance of Shri Rajabhai Pathak, Swastik is a name synonymous with quality and mastery oriented education. Now we have come up with a unique concept in toddlers’ education under the name of Bright Start Pre-school.

Mrs.Shivaali Nimbark,the director who runs the Bright Start pre-school in Satellite area of Ahmedabad, is well experienced and trained professional. She believes that the efficiency and worthiness of a preschool curriculum is directly related to the educators who are entrusted with teaching the students. Thus pre-school education should be regarded as the most crucial part of a child’s upbringing in our nation.

Mrs. Shivaali Nimbark's philosophy is based on the thought of Shri Rabindranath Tagore, “The main object of teaching is not to give explanations, but to knock on the doors of the mind.”

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